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Lighting Up the Room

With the long nights of an English winter, good lighting is so important. The right lighting can transform a room and even your mood. So often, lighting is seen as an afterthought, or simply a functional addition, but there’s no reason that it can’t be the talking point of the room.

It’s always important to remember that a light will have two identities, lit and unlit, so you need to consider how it will look at any time of the day.

Chandeliers always work well as a focal point in a room. We like to find modern alternatives to the old fashioned crystal chandeliers, capturing the grandeur and drama while suiting a more modern setting.

At Ham Yard Hotel and Haymarket Hotel we had two vast, but very different, spaces to fill. The Dive Bar at Ham Yard has neon-lit 40-foot-high ceilings, while the Shooting Gallery at Haymarket Hotel has all the elegance of a Regency ballroom.

These fabulously chunky mud-bead chandeliers are the perfect fit in both spaces. These huge creations are made by Philippa and Werner du Toit’s Mud Studio based in South Africa’s eastern Free State.

In a space like this it is always better to size up, a small chandelier would be lost in such a theatrical setting. The chandeliers are gigantic but have an elegant simplicity, casting a soft dappled light across the room.

The wonderfully earthy texture looks just as at home in the elegant Shooting Gallery as it does in the whimsical Dive Bar.

For my pop up suite at Turnell and Gigon in Chelsea Harbour, I commissioned Mud Studio to design this bespoke drop chandelier in the brightest hues, to echo the colours of the Caribbean.

I don’t like my designs to be too serious; they need to make you smile and these fabulously vibrant colours certainly do just that.

You’ll next see these wonderful creations at an exciting upcoming collaboration in New York…stay tuned!

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