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Letting Spring In: 5 Tips to Refresh Your Home

At the Kit Kemp Design Studio, we are very excited that spring is just around the corner. After an exceptionally long winter, the light is starting to change and the bright green buds are starting to bloom on the trees.

To get us ready for the change of the seasons, here are some of our top tips to light up your house for in time for spring:

1. Bring the outside in

Flowers always have the power to make a room feel full of life. It could be freshly-cut flowers or potted plants.

We love using these little bushes in our interiors, they are so beautiful and fresh.

If you want to go one step further, why not decorate your pot – as we have done here. To read more about it CLICK HERE.

2. Add new wallpapers or coloured walls into spaces

Spring is a great opportunity to add some colour and pattern to your walls.

We have recently used the Climbing Curios by Fee Greening on a private residential project and we cannot wait to see the results.

In our “Secret Garden” pop up at Bergdorf Goodman in New York, we used my design ‘Racine’ on the walls. This is a wallpaper inspired by French botanical posters from the 1950s. It would cheer up a breakfast room or even a corridor, as we have done at Ham Yard Hotel.

Fabric walling always makes a room feel more luxurious and tailored. In room 205 at Crosby Street Hotel, we used this bold floral pattern by Blithfield to create a spectacular springtime atmosphere.

3. Lighten up your fabrics

Spring is the time to swap out your wool rugs and use sisal ones. Change the winter blankets for brighter colours to add luminosity and a vibrancy to your scheme. Add some fresh floral cushions, small details can change the mood of the room entirely.

Our Rain Shadow cushions designed with Fine Cell Work are a perfect accent to bring that lively spring feeling into a room.

4. Paint that piece of furniture and add a splash of colour

It is always fun to add a pop of colour on an unexpected piece of painted furniture, like this bold orange lacquer sideboard in one of our suites at Crosby Street Hotel.

We love hand painted furniture and the hand-crafted feel it brings to a room. Charleston House and the Bloomsbury Group are an endless source of inspiration for painted furniture design.

5. Refresh your outdoor space

A proper spring clean should always include your garden. It is time to spread new seeds, and why not add a lovely bird house. Plants such as lavender and rosemary will also fill the space with beautiful countryside scents.

If you don’t have an outdoor space, create an inside garden, as we did at Bergdorf Goodman. To find out more about how to create your own bird houses CLICK HERE.

From bringing the outside in, refreshing your fabrics and sprucing up the garden, we hope these tips will inspire you to breathe life into your home and get creative in time for spring!

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