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Layering Up

As the winter chill descends upon us, it’s time to pull out those extra layers to get cosy and warm. How we just love layers!

Our designs are all about creating warmth and richness to elevate a sense of wellbeing and comfort. Here are some ways we love to play with texture and share stories through the art of layering.

Patterned Lampshades

Lampshades make the perfect canvas to brighten up a space. Go bold by using geometric or floral patterns to add depth and excitement. Trims are a detail we love to experiment with and adding beading creates movement and a refined sense of playfulness. Pleats, embroidery and wicker can be used to create tactility and make interesting focal points.


We love sourcing and celebrating art and craft as well as the myriad of ways to display it. This cricket bat artwork at Dorset Square Hotel celebrates the history of the site as Lord Thomas’ original cricket ground. We love to repurpose everyday objects, and creating a platform for them to be celebrated adds a layer of nostalgia and intrigue.

If you have a set of decorative bowls and platters that are too valuable to set the table with, why not frame and display them as a collection. You could even pull out the paint brush and create your own designs.

Art may be the focal point, but frames don’t always have to be plain and traditional. Frames are a perfect opportunity to break rules and experiment with bold geometric shapes, lines and colour for layers of quirk and depth.

A bookshelf is no stranger to layering, from books to ornaments as well as our signature way of including art.


Textures are the foundation of layering. Embroidery adds an element of storytelling, visual elegance and craftsmanship. This technique is so versatile and the aesthetic can be delicate and intricate like the sofas and chairs in our Drawing Room at The Soho Hotel. Don’t be afraid to go large and bold on various surfaces.

This headboard in the Suffolk Suite at Haymarket Hotel is another great example. Whether it’s tapestries, rugs, headboards or sofas, there’s always an opportunity to explore traditions, cultures and beauty. These items add richness and interest with unique qualities that enhance the space.

So as you layer up for the winter season we hope we’ve inspired you to get creative and playful, because even during the darkest of days we always need some colour to brighten up our spirits!

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