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Kit Kemp for Wilton Carpets

Kit’s latest collaboration with Wilton Carpets is a Hospitality, Travel and Home collection for both traditional and modern interiors, interpreting scale and usability with the latest techniques in the market place. She says, “I have been able to create subtle effects and gradations of colour to give carpets a unique feel, similar to the finish of a hand-blocked fabric. The new looms at Wilton Carpets have made my ideas a possibility and with their design input, a joyful reality.”

The Kit Kemp by Wilton Carpets Collection introduces nine exciting innovative new designs. They are unique and multi-tasking designs suitable for many different interiors. The designs draw from a diverse array of inspirations from Folklore, Architecture and Botanical motifs. These come together to create a collection that works in both a traditional and modern way. Kit Kemp is known for her brave use of colour. This collection is a showcase of her innate understanding of colour, pattern and scale. Each made-to-order carpet is woven with a blend of rich British wool and a durable nylon mix to create designs with lasting resilience to suit any hospitality, travel or special project. Whether using traditional Axminster or Wilton weaves, or incorporating the added luxury of a Brussels weave, the Kit Kemp for Wilton Carpets Collection delivers carpet of the finest design and quality.

Wilton Carpets has been the UK’s spiritual home of carpet weaving for nearly four hundred years. As one of the world’s finest carpet manufacturers Wilton has created a reputation for fine carpets of enduring quality, resilience and recovery.

Beside 100-year-old narrow looms still operating today, Wilton Carpets is celebrating innovation with a robotic high-speed loom that has instant colour switching to enable new techniques to be achieved with unwavering attention to the principles of fine carpet craftsmanship. Every carpet that leaves Wilton Carpets has been skilfully made. It encompasses the embodiment of the best in modern manufacturing blended with traditional craftsmanship. Wilton Carpets brings concepts to life with accuracy, speed and creativity.

Visit The Soho Hotel to view the designs for yourself in the hotels beautiful Drawing Room, Library and private event spaces, or book in to the stunning top floor Terrace Suite.

To purchase the collection go to Wilton Carpets.

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