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Kit Kemp for Chelsea Textiles

The collection, Kit Kemp for Chelsea Textiles, is inspired by Kit’s love of the whimsical and lyrical, and her love of animals, both real and imaginary. Featuring a series of characters and patterns that have a primitive, almost folkloric feel, the collection shows a series of narratives that playfully unfold on the fabric, from a star gazing dog and a sailor’s farewell to mythical creatures and a modern take on a Suzani.

Jenny Simpson, Design Director at Chelsea Textiles has worked closely with Kit to perfect the designs and transform them into intricate, imaginative embroidered fabrics. She says, “The art of embroidery is the essence of Chelsea Textiles and this collection has beautifully brought the medium to life. Each fabric is filled with a sense of surprise and charm which perfectly embodies Kit’s bold and idiosyncratic approach to interiors.”

Kit Kemp adds, “I’ve always cherished embroidery, as an art form as well as a constant source of inspiration for the fabrics I use to decorate the rooms in my hotels. There is something timeless and precious about embroidery, it demands to be treasured, and in fact, one of my earliest memories is of rooting through drawers in large chests of stored materials that my mother had hoarded away. To sit on the floor surrounded by beautiful fabrics is where I always love to be.” The collection is available through Chelsea Textiles’ showrooms and retail partners.

To purchase the collection go to Chelsea Textiles.

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