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Just Wing It

The Wing Chair is one of the oldest and most popular forms of furniture. This magnificent chair was introduced in the 1600’s and the design has not changed since. Also known as the fireside chair, it was originally invented as a comfortable seat option that would protect you from the heat of large open fireplaces, or prevent drafts from reaching the upper part of the body. This chair is easily recognised by its pair of protruding wings, its considerable depth, its upholstered framework and its dramatic presence.

Here at the Kit Kemp Design Studio, we love the Wing Chair – it could even be our favourite chair design. Over the years, we have designed a simplified version of the traditional English wing chair, calling it ‘Kit’s Wing’. This contemporary, slick shape creates such an impact.

Here we have upholstered this classic armchair in Kit Kemp for Andrew Martin’s ‘Over the Moon’ fabric in denim blue. Acting as polka dots are these painterly moons that sit on a background of speckled stars. Click here to find out more.

The Wing Chair can be such a statement piece of furniture within a room. Its traditional shape upholstered in a contemporary bold fabric makes for a real show stopper. One of our favourite examples is in the lobby at Ham Yard Hotel. Here, we have dressed the chairs in Helena Lynch’s reworked vivid Harmsworth felt, matching the Sandra Blow paintings behind.

Here at the Studio, we have also created our own applique designs for Kit’s Wing Chair.

We call this the Couture Wing. It was first showcased at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and is a unique piece of functional art. We were inspired by our dear friend Mimi Du Biarritz, who created these designs based on Matisse’s cut-outs.

We used bright wools by Abraham Moons and invisible stitching to fix the design down on a chunky linen by Pierre Frey.

Dorset Square Hotel has a cricket theme running throughout as it was originally the site of Thomas Lord’s cricket ground. We recently had the Wing Chair in the lobby re-covered with applique cricket bats!

In the Library at The Soho Hotel, we have re-covered two Wing Chairs in antique tapestries. They look wonderfully vibrant and give this calm reading room a splash of colour.

We could talk about Kit’s Wing all day and how we have used them. From applique designs to re-covering them in antique tapestries, there are so many ways to create true pieces of art with these majestic chairs.

Click here to get your own from Shop Kit Kemp.

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