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Introducing our Alphabet Mugs

We recently launched our Kit Kemp for Spode collection which includes ‘Alphabet Mugs’. Each mug is richly coloured with a graphic letter and illustrated with an array of fantastical creatures and curiosities – we are thrilled to share these with you!

Taking inspiration from the decorative letters of historic manuscripts, these beautiful mugs bring a contemporary twist with bold colours and joyful embellishments. Sometimes called an ‘initial cap’, you will often spot these decorative features at the start of a paragraph, consisting of large capital letters.

These fine china mugs have a variety of colours from ruby red and sunny yellow, to grass green and deep sky blue. They are designed to be mixed and matched, bringing endless combinations to tell a story. Whether you’re enjoying a hot cup of tea, or styling a display on a shelf, our Alphabet Mugs are a work of art!

At a closer look, each scene is inspired by nature and boasts playful creatures and flora. Here is the letter ‘O’ which features a hand-painted drawing of a peeping brown owl. Colourful foliage blooms around the initial, finishing off this eye catching design.

The letter ‘E’ is elegantly styled alongside a unique illustration of a mythical winged creature holding vibrant orange blooms. In true Spode style, an expertly crafted matching blue handle makes this mug a joy to hold.

A trumpet-playing hare sits within a sophisticated letter ‘D’ on this beautiful red mug.

The Alphabet Mug collection also took inspiration from our limited edition ABC painted letters by Mimi de Biarritz. Here they are on display at our Bergdorf Goodman showroom.

Beautifully boxed in bright blue and green, the mugs are gift-giving ready! A wonderful way to celebrate someone special, whether for a birthday, anniversary, or celebrating a new job. Dishwasher safe, they are sure to become an everyday favourite.

We hope you’ll enjoy discovering our new collection which features Kit’s appreciation of craft intertwined with her unique eye for detail and design. A fun yet beautiful mug that deserves to be showcased and enjoyed. Find our Alphabet Mugs for Spode at Shop Kit Kemp.

You can also explore our very own alphabet of Kit Kemp Design Studio with our blog post: The ABC of Kit Kemp Design Studio.

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