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Interior Design’s Ins & Outs of 2024

As our Design Studio enters an exciting new year, filled with creative possibilities, collaborations and the upcoming launch of our new Warren Street Hotel in New York, our focus turns to the evolving design scene of 2024. Join us as we explore some of the latest interior design trends and review the ‘ins and the outs’ that will define this year’s aesthetics…

In with bold colours…

Our design philosophy has always embraced the power of colour and 2024 is no exception! Vibrant and bold hues take centre stage, transforming spaces into lively, energetic environments. Expect to see fresh greens, shades of blues, daring corals and sunny yellows making a statement on walls, furniture and accessories. These colours guarantee a sense of joy and add life to any setting.

The Soho Suite at The Soho Hotel
Residence 24 at Ham Yard Hotel
Kit Kemp for Spode ‘Calypso’ collection

Out with the minimalist monochrome…

We are relieved to see that the design world is bidding farewell to an era of monotonous neutral tones and sterile minimalism. At our Design Studio, we are ushering in a new wave of minimalism, where every element tells a story. The stark whites and greys of the past are replaced with a riot of colours and patterns, breathing life and personality into every corner.

Residence 7 at Ham Yard Hotel

In with sustainable chic…

2024 marks a pivotal year for sustainable design and we are in support of this movement. Embracing eco-friendly materials, recycled furniture and energy-efficient lighting, designs are to reflect a commitment to the planet without compromising on style. Expect to see an influx of biophilic elements, integrating nature into interiors through plants, natural textures and sustainable materials.

Recycled PET plastic bottle pendant lamps in The Orangery at Ham Yard Hotel
Kit Kemp x Annie Selke ‘Always Greener’ rug made from recycled P.E.T. performance threads

Out with disposable décor…

We’re parting ways with mass-produced items. Disposable furniture and fast fashion décor are no longer in vogue. Embrace quality craftsmanship and timeless pieces instead. Picture a painted antique piece that’s given new lease of life or a bespoke headboard adorned with hand-stitched details. This tells a unique story of artistry and individuality.

A handcrafted headboard in a Deluxe Suite at Charlotte Street Hotel

In with artisanal craftsmanship…

Kit Kemp’s design aesthetic has always celebrated artisanal craftsmanship and 2024 continues this tradition. Handmade ceramics, bespoke textiles and custom-designed furniture take centre stage. The appreciation for the human touch and the uniqueness of handcrafted pieces become integral to creating spaces that are not only visually stunning but also deeply personal.

The Soho Suite at The Soho Hotel

Out with industrial, cold interiors…

The era of industrial, cold interiors is fading away. Our design philosophy, as always, leans towards warmth and comfort. We embrace rich fabrics, lush textures and inviting elements to transform interior spaces into homes. The emphasis is on crafting environments that are not only visually striking but also exude cosiness and warmth.

Brumus Bar at Haymarket Hotel

We hope this glimpse into 2024’s design trends leaves you inspired to transform your spaces with warmth and personalised charm.

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