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Ideas for Incorporating Natural Elements

We often speak about the importance of incorporating natural elements within interior design. Doing so can add new layers of character and charm to a space, so here are some ideas to help you achieve this.


Using natural materials such as wood or stone will add texture to your home and can also serve as a connection to the outdoors. With their irregular shape, these coffee tables at Dorset Square Hotel are made with different types of wood and create a sense of intrigue. Complementing these natural elements, is a carved fireplace in the background.


Choosing a natural colour palette doesn’t mean using only white or brown tones! Introduce blues to emulate colours of the ocean and greens to bring the outside in. In this new scheme for a bedroom at The Soho Hotel, we have paired green and yellow tones with organic patterns to evoke a comforting sense of nature.


Try to maximise opportunities that will allow daylight into your home. We like to use Crittall Windows in our designs as well as skylights which are both great ways to increase the natural light.


We often share examples of how we bring greenery to our spaces. We carefully select seasonal flowers and plants to style different areas and in this space, we have also included copper watering cans to bring an element of nature through accessories.


Scent can help represent natural elements within your spaces. Our RIKRAK candles have a variety of fragrances from Lavender Eucalyptus and Gardenia Sandalwood to Wheatgrass Bay.


Our final considerations are with nature’s most powerful elements – water and fire. Here in our Soholistic Spa at Ham Yard Hotel, a sculptural elephant water fountain evokes a feeling of calm with its sound. Find our top tips for water features here.

During the winter, cosy fireplaces make the perfect touch. Here in Tiffany’s Library at Covent Garden Hotel, the fireplace is a focal point. Its flickering flames make this a comforting space to warm up and relax.

We hope this blog has shown how incorporating natural elements into your spaces can bring a sense of calm and connection to nature. Here’s to creating spaces which are welcoming and harmonious – just like the natural world.

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