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Hyde Park Honey

We have been busy bees! A new arrival to Shop Kit Kemp is none other than our very own honey. Produced by beekeeper Henry Steel and illustrated by Willow Kemp, our honey is fresh from our Hyde Park hives. This is a unique opportunity to sample our first ever batch of organic ‘Hyde Park Honey’. You can find our new honey bundled together in a beautifully packaged gift set – perfect for the breakfast table!

Explore our Mythical Creatures Honey Bundle and Tall Trees Honey Bundle.

Over 80,000 bees per hive, have worked tirelessly to produce 150 jars of this unique honey at Hyde Park’s Prince of Wales Lodge.

Honey has health benefits including resistance against colds as well as prevention of hay fever for Londoners given the locality. It’s a rarity for honey bees to be allowed to keep their production to live on throughout the winter, but we choose to allow them. London honey commands a strong premium over all other honeys due to the high variety of flora from which the bees collect nectar. You will notice this in its distinctive taste, a rainbow of flavour across all varieties of your favourite London flowers.

Our bees spend time rummaging in our bee and bug hotels at the lodge!

We will also offer a ‘Golden Steel’ version with the honeycomb…

We’re sure that our sweet honey will keep you warm this winter!

For more information, take a look at our Mythical Creatures Honey Bundle and Tall Trees Honey Bundle.

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