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How we Use Domino

One of my all time favourite designs has to be ‘Domino’. Inspired and developed from one of my treasured antique Turkish rugs, this pattern was such a hit in our design studio that we transformed it into a wallpaper and a carpet design.

Often, the key to a timeless design is to reimagine beautiful things of the past. I often find myself browsing the shelves of our design library for antique textiles and old carpets that I have treasured and saved over time.

To reimagine this design into something original, I created a subtle diamond repeat by changing the colour of individual blocks that make up the overall diamond design.

When looking at the design closely, you barely notice the overall repeat and instead your eye is drawn to the little geometric blocks. Standing back, it’s almost a surprise when the larger diamond design is unveiled.

I first developed this design as part of my collection with Wilton Carpets, which is available in four different colours. I wanted the collection to have fresh new designs but to pay tribute to the beauty of traditional textiles.

The wallpaper version of ‘Domino’ currently lines the walls of the Reading Room spill out area at The Whitby Hotel.

I was particularly pleased with the rendering of this wallpaper, guests have often been known to reach out and touch the walls expecting to feel a textile and instead discover it is a smooth paper that lines the walls. I adore that sense of trickery in this design.

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