Vertical Line: How to Achieve Height

How To

The vertical line is a powerful element in interior design, much like the longitude lines on a map. It directs your gaze upward, creating an illusion of grandeur and a sense of boundless height. Join us as we reveal our secrets for elevating your interiors, helping your spaces reach for the heavens.


Curating artwork vertically effortlessly creates a sense of height, transforming walls into towering canvases that draw the eye upward. A cascade of paintings arranged like a ladder to the sky elevates the room, evoking whimsical charm and intrigue.


Integrating bookshelves into your spaces creates a soaring journey filled with imagination and grandeur. Each spine tells stories of wanderlust and weaves a sense of expansion and mystery. Adding a ladder enhances this magic, inviting exploration and discovery.


Vertical lines dance along walls, creating a visual rhythm that lifts the room to new heights. In the Lobby at Warren Street Hotel, our striking ‘Zig Zag’ wallpaper with Christopher Farr adorns the walls above the reception and throughout the lobby. The repetitive motif mirrors the architectural lines of the city skyline, echoing the exhilarating experience of navigating New York City’s bustling streets.

In suite 1109, blue striped fabric walling creates a cosy retreat. Its gentle lines gracefully draw your gaze upward, creating a heavenly haven of calm and tranquility.

Leading Edge

The leading edge detail on floor-to-ceiling curtains perfectly embodies the vertical line element. The fabric flows like a waterfall, and the leading edge, whether adorned with embroidery or fringing, guides the eye upward along the vertical path, creating new heights and timeless sophistication. It’s all in the details!

Furniture and Decor

Tall cabinets, mirrors, and high chair backs effortlessly embody stature, becoming captivating focal points that command attention within your spaces. They stand tall, drawing gazes upward and enriching the room’s essence.

Particularly in rooms with lower ceilings, like the Loft Suite at Covent Garden Hotel, vertical elements create the illusion of expansion. This is a game of smoke and mirrors!

We hope you have been inspired to instill some vertical verve into your spaces.