How We Decorate Our Walls at Firmdale

How To

Join us as we explore how we decorate the walls in our hotels...

At our Design Studio, we embrace the unconventional, infusing pattern and colour wherever possible. Walls serve as the perfect canvas for this expression. Whether you’re eager to incorporate patterns, require durability, or want to add warmth and comfort to a room, there are plenty of considerations before deciding on your décor. Join us as we explore how we decorate the walls in our hotels.


To ensure a peaceful stay and sound sleep for our guests, we use fabric on our walls to drown out unwanted noise from corridors or the streets outside. Fabric absorbs sound and makes walls appear smooth, especially in older buildings with uneven surfaces. It also adds a tactile, comfortable feel to the room. By matching the wall fabric with other soft elements like curtains, we create a cohesive, harmonious space.


The variety of paint colours available allows us to infuse energy and create specific moods in our spaces. We often choose lively, vivid colours to make a bold statement. In the lobby at Warren Street Hotel, we paired a warm yellow with a rich green to create a striking and fun atmosphere.


Our love for patterns shines through in our use of wallpaper. With endless choices, we particularly like mural patterns for their large scale and ability to transform a space by telling a story. For example, our ‘Tall Trees’ mural, created in collaboration with GP & J Baker, features a large repeat. Everywhere you look, small scenes play out, invoking curiosity and drawing the eye into the detail.

To break up the intensity of a pattern, we sometimes introduce a dado rail and paint below it to calm the space. In the corridors at Warren Street Hotel, we used a neutral paint to harmonise the area. In room 202 at Covent Garden Hotel, a pop of blue helps brighten and energise the scheme.

We hope this inspires and encourages you to decorate your walls, considering texture, function, durability, and expressing your own creative flair.


Art is the finishing touch that can transform a space by adding pops of colour and texture, serving as a focal point within the room. Hanging colourful artwork on a neutral wall injects personality and character. However, bold artwork can also complement a wall already covered in pattern, enhancing the overall design.