The Art of Suspension

How To

Join us on today's blog as we share the unique ways we elevate our spaces through the captivating art of suspension....

The art of suspension adds a dynamic and visually intriguing element to your spaces, transforming them into extraordinary experiences where art and function seamlessly blend. Join us on today’s blog as we share the unique ways we elevate our spaces through the captivating art of suspension.

Suspended above the Warren Street Bar, a 20-foot ceramic sculpture by artist Gareth Devonald Smith captivates the eye. This grand creation adds strength and grounds the space, creating an impactful centrepiece. The piece evokes different responses from each observer, to our design team, it resembles a beehive, harmonising perfectly with the Mimi bee artwork hung behind it.

In the lobby at Warren Street Hotel, Argentinian artist Cristián Mohaded’s woven baskets hang with majestic grace. These suspended towers, crafted using the traditional basketry technique of northern Argentina called simbol, exude organic beauty. They draw the eye upward, imbuing the space with a sense of height and making you feel as if you are floating on air.

We love sourcing a myriad of objects and curating them into sculptural collections. Suspending a variety of woven carry baskets with intricate weaves and natural materials creates a visually dynamic display that enhances the room’s verticality. The mix of shapes, sizes, and patterns brings rustic charm and organic warmth, transforming ordinary spaces into engaging environments that celebrate craftsmanship and infuse the space with an artistic flair.

Suspending testers over beds creates a cocoon-like experience, enveloping the sleeper in warmth and comfort. This adds a layer of intimacy and a touch of romanticism to the bedroom. The elegant draping of fabric, combined with the elevated structure, transforms the bed into a luxurious sanctuary.

Floating shelves offer a whimsical yet practical way to display books, artwork, and decor. These wall-mounted units provide storage without the bulk of traditional furniture, creating a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. Items appear as if they are effortlessly hovering in the space. And never be afraid to add a lick of colour!

We hope we have inspired you to reimagine the way you can create magic through the art of suspension.