Our Do’s and Don’ts for creating an Outdoor Living Space

How To

Discover our top do's and don'ts for crafting the ideal outdoor spaces for your al fresco dining experience...

Now that summer has arrived, granting us ample time and warmer weather to enjoy the outdoors, we’ve curated our top do’s and don’ts for crafting the ideal outdoor spaces for your al fresco dining experience.

Do plan ahead

Define the purpose of your outdoor space, whether it’s for relaxation or entertaining guests, and plan accordingly to maximise its potential.

Do blend indoors with outdoors

Create a seamless transition by extending your indoor colour scheme and design elements to the outdoor space, ensuring a cohesive feel. We suggest keeping to the same colour scheme, as shown in Apartment 24 at Ham Yard Hotel. The orange and pink hues used outside mimic the tones used in the apartment’s interior colour scheme.

Don’t forget about shelter

Provide shelter from the elements with options like awnings or wooden follies to enhance comfort and enjoyment outdoors.

Do add textiles

Introduce outdoor rugs and textiles for added comfort and visual interest, while choosing materials that are durable and weather-resistant. Our rugs from our new collection with Annie Selke beautifully exemplify this concept. With their vivid colours and intricate designs, they serve as stunning focal points that effortlessly enhance the charm of the outdoor space.

Don’t neglect lighting

Remember to prioritise lighting. Extend the enjoyment of your outdoor living area into the evening hours with thoughtfully designed lighting. Embrace layered lighting to accommodate varying sunlight levels and to craft diverse aesthetics and moods. Illuminating trees adds visual intrigue, accentuating their unique shapes and casting captivating shadows, while candles contribute to a soft, inviting ambiance.

Don’t overlook the senses

Incorporate elements like water features and aromatic plants to engage the senses and create a soothing atmosphere amidst urban surroundings.

Don’t hesitate to attract wildlife

Enhance your outdoor space by inviting wildlife with bird boxes, beehives, and vegetable gardens, enriching the ecosystem and adding natural charm.

Do embrace colour

Inject vibrant hues into your outdoor space through colourful seating, cushions, and potted plants, adding personality and charm to city gardens and balconies.

Don’t forget vegetables

Planting your own vegetables not only adds vibrant pops of colour but also infuses your outdoor spaces with charm and character. From the bright hues of ripening tomatoes to the vibrant greens of flourishing lettuce, each vegetable contributes to the visual appeal of your outdoor space.

We hope we’ve inspired you to create your own stylish and functional outdoor sanctuary this summer.