How to Transform Your Home for the Summer Months

How To

From embracing breezy fabrics to crafting inviting outdoor retreats, explore our top tips for revitalising your home and embracing the sunny season ahead...

As the days lengthen and the temperature climbs, it’s time to bid farewell to the winter cocoon and welcome the vibrant essence of summer into our homes. Transforming your living space for the sunnier months not only welcomes the warmth of the sun but also rejuvenates your surroundings with a fresh vitality. From embracing breezy fabrics to crafting inviting outdoor retreats, explore our top tips for revitalising your home and embracing the sunny season ahead.

Infuse with Colour

As warmer days approach, infuse your home with vibrant hues. Summer is the ideal time for your home to shine! Take inspiration from Warren Street Hotel in New York, where the interior celebrates the colours of a flourishing garden: soft oranges, delicate pinks, verdant greens, and sunny yellows. You can create an indoor oasis reminiscent of lying in a magical field among buttercups and forget-me-nots, even without outdoor space.

Outdoor Fabrics and Rugs

With brighter days ahead, our focus shifts to gardens and outdoor areas, offering new opportunities to express colour. At Ham Yard Hotel, we’ve revamped our rooftop by incorporating our ‘Sooner Rather Than Later’ rug and scattering cushions in our outdoor fabrics, creating a cosy and vibrant space, perfect for cocktails under the stars or a leisurely morning coffee.


Elevate your space by incorporating cushions, rugs, or lamps to inject texture, colour, and personality. Accessories possess the enchanting ability to elevate the ambiance of any interior. If you yearn for the tropical allure of the Caribbean, adorn your space with lamps and cushions evoking the beach and ocean, just like Residence 10 at Ham Yard Hotel.

Repaint Furniture

Easily transform your home by giving your furniture a fresh coat of paint. A splash of colour can breathe new life into your pieces and completely alter the room’s mood. Consider swapping traditional Tuscan olive for a sunny yellow, creating a striking contrast against the greenery and complementing the vibrancy of our ‘Calypso’ dinnerware created in collaboration with Spode.

Even the addition of colourful linen napkins can infuse your home with the essence of summer.


Attention to detail is key in interior design, even in the smallest spaces. When hosting summer dinners, embrace vibrant hues and don’t shy away from bringing the outdoors inside. Set your table with our Mythical Creatures dinnerware against our cheerful blue ‘Tweak’ fabric in collaboration with GP & J Baker. Finish with seasonal flowers displayed in Katrin Moye’s intricately patterned vases, inspired by Delftware and Majolica.

We hope these tips inspire you to transform your home for the summer months. Remember, whether you’re injecting colour, repainting furniture, or adding accessories, you can effortlessly create a summer vibe. Don’t forget to tag us @kitkempdesignthread!