Light it Up: Firmdale Floor Lighting

How To

Join us as we explore the world of floor lighting throughout our hotels and share how we illuminate spaces from the ground up....

As interior designers, our passion extends endlessly to fabrics, textures and furniture. However, an often underestimated but profoundly impactful tool in interior design is lighting. Lighting possesses the transformative ability to turn a space from flat to vibrant. A well-thought-out lighting plan is crucial.

While we’ve previously delved into the conventional aspects of ceiling and wall lights, there’s an often-overlooked surface that provides a unique opportunity for lighting— the floor! Join us as we explore the world of floor lighting throughout our hotels and share how we illuminate spaces from the ground up.

The Crosby Bar’s Lafayette Street entrance transports you to a magical night-time garden. Integrating strips of lighting between the pavers crafts an enchanting path into the bar. While unassuming during the daytime, this space undergoes a stunning transformation at night, adding a touch of drama and capturing interest.

In the Moonlit Showroom at CP Hart, we designed under-lit star and moon-insets on the marble floor, casting a soft glow that adds a touch of magic to the space. This ingenious use of floor lighting enhances the showroom’s ambiance with an enchanting and celestial allure.

The spill-out reception area for The Whitby Hotel event rooms, features an organic tree trunk table, cleverly illuminated by pinpoint floor lights. This subtle yet meticulous detail not only adds drama to the knurled bits of the table base but also infuses extra sparkle, enhancing the overall ambience. 

In Ham Yard Village, the outdoor pavers leading to the oak tree courtyard are adorned with a sprinkling of starlight. Pinpoint light fixtures in the floor below, craft a magical path, evoking a sense of wonder that can be appreciated both during the daytime and at night. This creative use of floor lighting enhances the charm of the courtyard.

We hope we have inspired you to incorporate floor lighting into your home. 

Throughout our hotels, stairwells are adorned with integrated lighting beneath and enhancing the treads, creating an extra glow and illuminating the path. These circulation spaces not only serve a functional purpose but are also thoughtfully designed to be beautiful, enhancing the overall aesthetics and experience of moving through the space.