Small But Mighty – How We Use Buttons in Design

How To

Join us as we explore examples of the small but mighty role that buttons play...

It can be the tiny details that make the biggest impact with interior design. Buttons are something that often go unnoticed especially when incorporated into decor and furniture, but we see them as a small but impactful way to bring a touch of sophistication and style into a space. Join us as we explore examples of the small but mighty role that buttons play…

We love using buttons on our furniture and often incorporate them on our chairs. Here, we have used shallow buttons to create depth and texture to our design. They create a focal point and add visual interest with their three dimensional quality.

We have also used this technique on our sofas, as the buttons on our sofas serve both decorative and functional purposes. As much as we love designing an aesthetic, it’s also important to make sure your furniture is comfortable. These deep buttons help us structure the sofas and secure layers of fabric padding, giving the piece additional support.

On our window cushions, we have added deep buttons to add a pop of colour, making the cushion more intriguing. Using coloured buttons can inject a sense of playfulness to a room. They will brighten up a space and create a vibrant atmosphere.

Another way we have incorporated buttons onto our chairs is through tufting, which creates beautifully unique lines, shapes and folding patterns. Tufting is a look that is achieved by the fabric being tightly stitched into a pattern and the indents created are then secured with a button. This old-school and traditional technique brings an element of elegance, offering a timeless quality.

We love adding handles to our chairs and we use buttons to attach the handles. This unique touch allows you to add your own personalised style and ties in a colour or texture that complements the room’s decor. It also creates a more inviting experience with a unique and colourful design.

We hope you have enjoyed seeing how versatile a button can be! They add a decorative flair that contributes to a more refined interior.