How to Bring Greenery to your Holiday Table

How To

We'd like to share how to add greenery into your holiday tablescape at home for family and friends to enjoy during this season...

Now is the best time of the year to gather around the table and enjoy the cherished time of the holidays. We’d like to share how to add greenery into your holiday tables at home for family and friends to enjoy during this season…

1. Choose a festive base cloth. Here we have chosen a hand blocked Christmas tablecloth. We love the elongated pattern of stars and pine leaves.

3. Next, assemble your base greens into an arrangement. Sometimes to lift the centrepiece or floral arrangement we like to add in green styrofoam cubes which are hidden but heighten the arrangement. We decided to place the piney greenery first and layered in grand magnolia leaves to give height. The magnolia leaves not only create dimension, but the leaves themselves also represent luck and stability so layering them in hopefully manifests both for the New Year.

2. Gather the greenery to make an aromatic centrepiece. Step outside and gather fresh branches and leaves. We particularly admire the variation of shrubby evergreen herbs, evergreen leaves, boxwoods, Frasier fir and magnolia leaves.

4. Add in decorative elements such as pine cones, berries and oranges. Here we have included a stand of cotton to add character.

6. Add final touches such as creating your own spruce. We clipped from the pine of the mantlepiece and added in berries to make a smaller arrangement on each end. We added festive bits such as Nutcrackers, ribbons, and mini Christmas trees.

5. Next decide your candle holders’ placement and add in neutral coloured candles alongside other decorative accessories. We used thin simple gold candle holders which varied at different heights. At the centre we used a wreath and pillar candle to hold the centres place.

We hope we’ve inspired you to celebrate the greens of nature with your tablescapes. From all of us at our Design Studio, we wish you a happy holiday!