How to Make an Entrance

How To

Our top tips to elevate your home's allure with a touch of curb appeal...

At our hotels, we understand that the exterior sets the tone for your stay. Which is why we’ve curated our top tips to elevate your home’s allure with a touch of curb appeal.


Craft an immediate sense of balance and symmetry by introducing neatly trimmed topiaries flanking your front door.  Beautifully shown below by the stylish entrances at Charlotte Street, Covent Garden and Ham Yard Hotels in London. Not only do these green accents soften the urban sidewalk, but the tall, sturdy planters also make a bold statement, defining your entryway with flair.


If your space allows, consider an outdoor seating area at the front of your home. This not only extends a warm welcome but also adds decorative interest, encouraging a moment of repose with a cup of tea and the pleasure of people-watching.


Infuse your personal style into the neighbourhood by incorporating exterior artwork, be it a striking statue like our Botero Cat at Crosby Street Hotel or the monumental Tony Cragg sculpture gracing the courtyard at Ham Yard Hotel. Let your exterior be a canvas that reflects your unique taste and captures the attention of onlookers.


Evoke a sense of pride and destination by incorporating a patriotic flag gently waving in the breeze. Much like the flags at our hotels, this symbol becomes a beacon, guiding visitors toward your home.

A Glimpse Inside

Extend the allure from the outside in. At Charlotte Street Hotel, vibrant curtains contribute to a warm and cosy ambiance, compelling passers-by to pause and consider stepping inside for a delightful cocktail.

We hope this inspires you to add a bit of curb appeal to your home and make an entrance!

At Crosby Street Hotel, peek past our Botero Cat to discover doggy sculptures and glowing pendant lights, creating a welcoming scene. The Soho Hotel beckons with another Botero through its front door, inviting you into a world of charm.