How to Design Your Own Conservatory

How To

Here are our top tips for designing your own conservatory this winter...

Designing your own conservatory is a thrilling endeavour. With a rich history dating back to the Renaissance, conservatories bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors. As the season turns colder, there’s no better time to savour the evolving colours of nature from the cosy embrace of your conservatory. Here are our top tips for creating your own winter oasis…


Begin by defining the purpose of your conservatory – whether it’s for relaxation, dining, or multi-functionality. This purpose will guide your layout, furniture choices, lighting, and décor. Design distinct zones within the conservatory, such as a cosy seating area and a small dining nook, ensuring each area complements the overall design.

At Number Sixteen we have used an oyster stain timber flooring. This creates a softness as it reflects the sunlight.


Incorporate natural textures like stone, timber, and ceramic to add depth and warmth to the space. Consider using a mix of materials to create a unique floor design and a sense of connection to the outdoors. At Ham Yard Hotel we have used a mixture of stone and pebbles to create an unusual grid floor design that reflects the outdoors.

Focal Point

Create a captivating focal point, such as a fireplace, cascading water feature or a striking piece of artwork or furniture. Focal points ground your space, adding visual interest and depth. This fireplace in Ham Yard Hotel’s Orangery infuses warmth and grandeur.


Choose organic materials and textures such as teak, wicker, or rattan that can withstand varying temperature and humidity levels. This is also an opportunity to go bold and add a sense of whimsy with unusual sculptures and treasures you’ve found on your travels. The more unexpected the better!

At The Whitby Hotel we have multiple focal points from the fireplace, wall fountain and Martha Freud’s pots dotted along the wall in built-in niches. These elements all harmoniously anchor the space creating a sense of balance and intrigue.

We hope this blog has inspired you to design your own winter oasis.