Autumnal Scheming: Infusing Warmth into Your Interiors

How To

We've always cherished the arrival of autumn and we'd like to share our top tips for embracing this season...

As temperatures begin to dip and the scent of pumpkin spice fills the air, our thoughts turn to injecting warmth into our living spaces. Here at our Design Studio, we’ve always cherished this time of year and we’re delighted to share our top tips for embracing the season.

Warm Colour Palette

Think fiery oranges, deep velvety reds, earthy browns and greens reminiscent of autumn’s changing foliage. In Room 200 at Haymarket Hotel, we’ve adorned the walls with a warm pink fabric, creating a snug cocoon. The headboard artfully blends all the season’s colours for an even toastier ambiance.

Natural Materials

Celebrate the beauty of nature by incorporating organic materials into your designs. At The Whitby Hotel, wooden panelling graces the exterior courtyard of our Orangery, visible through glass, it brings comforting honey hues.

Cosy Textiles

Autumn’s true delight lies in snuggling up with a warm blanket and a cup of tea. Achieve this sense of comfort by layering sofas and chairs with textured throws and cushions. We adore using a mix of antique, embroidered and applique textiles to create an inviting, soothing space.

Consider adding rattan or wicker décor pieces, such as baskets or chairs to infuse rustic charm and textural focal points.

Mood Lighting

Embrace softer, warm-toned lighting fixtures like table lamps, floor lamps and pendant lights. Across our hotels, this lower-level lighting can be adjusted independently to cultivate a calming, relaxing atmosphere.

Seasonal Décor

Transform your interiors into an enchanting wonderland with autumnal décor. Scatter mini pumpkins and gourds on tables and shelves, or craft a charming centrepiece with candles and seasonal foliage. Our new Spode ‘Tall Trees’ collection beautifully captures the softness and beauty of the season.

Enhance the ambiance further with candles in decorative holders, adding a touch of autumnal charm. Explore our selection of candles here.

We hope you find inspiration and are prepared to fully embrace the cosiness and warmth of this wonderful season.