Wedding Interiors: Our Top Tips

How To

Design and curation play a key role in bringing joy to a wedding. Here are some of our top design and styling tips for a day to remember.

Design and curation play a key role in bringing joy to a wedding, and each of our event spaces has been designed with this in mind. We want to captivate the senses and elevate emotions to create intimate moments that last a lifetime. Here are some of our top design and styling tips for a wedding to remember.


Warm lighting is essential in enhancing the intimacy of a wedding held within a larger space. The glow of an oversized chandelier makes a statement with a romantic sense of grandeur complemented by the delicate beauty of the patterns created with more subtle wall and table lighting.


Flowers naturally add beauty to any space but understanding how to work with scale is key when curating. For long dining tables, decorate with low standing bouquets that are small but full. The compact design provides bursts of colour across the space and will mean that everyone can still see each other across the table. Consider large oversized floral arrangements for consoles and mantels, these will add height and bring some extra drama to the space to suit the occasion.


Creating a sense of character and atmosphere within a space is an opportunity to be playful. Your walls are your canvas, so experiment with wallpaper and fabric to transform your space into a whimsical wonderland.

We used my Mythical Land wallpaper in the Anrep Room at The Whitby Hotel. Inspired by American folk art, the design creates the illusion of an enchanting outdoor wedding within the concrete jungle.

At Covent Garden Hotel we used embroidered fabric as a way to add tactility and bring the room to life with a sense of whimsy and contemporary flair.

Head over to the Firmdale website to find out more about holding a ceremony or reception in one of our wedding event spaces.

Devil in the details

Unforgettable moments require an element of the unexpected when it comes to design.

At Haymarket Hotel, we fill the pool in our reception venue with floating candles on a bed of palm leaves to create a fairy tale image.  Petal confetti, delicate floral corsages and organic textures are just some of the other ways we like to enhance the anticipation that surrounds the romance of a wedding.