Make Every Room Memorable

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Here at the Kit Kemp Design Studio we think every room should stand out. Join us as we explore how to make every room memorable...

When creating spaces, there are many ways to create a lasting impression. In our blogs we usually focus on bedrooms and the different ways of using colour and fabrics. However, at the Kit Kemp Design Studio we think every room should stand out. Join us as we explore how to make every room memorable.

No matter how small a space is, you can still make it memorable and strike personality throughout. Layering is a great way to create a story within a room. In this dining area every piece talks to each other whilst allowing the space to breathe and feel engaging.

As an accent piece, we have a used a large artwork behind the sofa in neutral colours. It almost looks like a mural and flows seamlessly into the wall behind. We have achieved layering by adding accents of yellow and green through the upholstery and cushions. Don’t be afraid to mix the colour and fabric on chairs, it will add a fun and playful look to the space. Every detail in a room counts. Why not finish it like we have with these beaded hanging lamps which add character and expression.

A living area is one that we tend to spend more time in. It is an area where we relax, welcome guests and gather after a long day. Hence it is one we usually give more consideration to with a greater focus on the details. Think outside the box and make the room stand out from any other by emphasising the natural features of the space itself.

In this residential project the exposed wooden beams inspired us to create a more rustic and cosy interior. We have highlighted these features by incorporating wooden sculptures that work in harmony with the existing foundations. Remember scale is important. Working on a larger scale will make the room feel grand with a sense of purpose.

If you are more restricted by space, don’t worry. You can still make your kitchen memorable by using a statement wallpaper. In this residential house, we have used our “One Way” wallpaper by Christopher Farr in blue and selected a complementary hue for the cabinets. The room feels bright, fresh and has a unique touch.

Whether you feel at home in the kitchen or not, we don’t always give this space the attention it deserves. If you’re anything like us, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Nearly everyone begins their day in the kitchen with a cup of tea, coffee or breakfast and typically ends their day with dinner and a nice glass of wine to unwind.

Make your kitchen memorable by playing with different joinery colours. Not only will it make a statement, it will also add depth and interest. To make the room really special, we created a hanging installation with a mix of colourful hand-crafted baskets in different sizes and shapes. You will achieve volume, interest and a sense of personality.

The lobby is one of the first rooms you see when entering a home. A solid central table like the one below with an accent art piece is sure to make a lasting impression. A large chandelier will ensure it is the centre of attention.

Read more about how to design a entryway with our blog post Dos & Don’ts: How to Design an Entrance Hall.

A very functional space, you don’t need to add much to make a difference in a bathroom. Try an accent piece like this small hand-stitched slipper chair. It adds a pop of colour and is handy when laying out your clothes before a relaxing bath.

Another way to make your entrance space stand out is by creating a feature wall. Below, the antique console acts as a focal point within the room. We have emphasised its importance by adding a collection of illustrations that work together as one. As a finishing touch two large table lamps have been placed at either end.

We hope this blog has helped inspire you to make some of your own spaces memorable, whether that be with small touches or grand ideas.

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