Choosing the Perfect Bedroom Armchair

How To

We're often asked how to choose the right armchair for a bedroom, so join us as we bring you five of our top tips...

Whether it’s a place to perch when tying shoelaces, or a means of keeping your clothes off the floor, a bedroom armchair fulfils many roles. Here at our Design Studio we place an armchair in our bedrooms for comfort, convenience and just as importantly – to make a statement!

We’re often asked how to choose the right armchair for a bedroom, so join us as we bring you five of our top tips.


Deciding what the main function of your chair will be, helps determine if you want a luxurious armchair, or a stylish statement chair. Do you want to relax and read a book in your chair? Or do you want to inject some colour and personality into the room? Once you have decided this, you can start looking at chair designs from soft to sculptural.


There are numerous chair designs out there, from little tub chairs to cosy armchairs and grand wing chairs. When choosing a design, it’s important to consider the shape of your bedroom. For example, if you have a smaller bedroom with low ceilings a tub chair would be the best option.


The size of your chair should be proportional to the bedroom to avoid the space from appearing uninviting. A chair that is too small compared to the scale of the room can look awkward and out of place. The same goes if the chair is too big as this will look cramped within the space.

Whilst a large room with tall ceilings would benefit from a lovely old wing chair.

You can also create a sense of drama by doing the opposite and using contrasting fabrics. For this residential project we have upholstered antique chairs in our pink Moondog fabric for Chelsea Textiles. This creates a wonderful accent chair, standing out against the wooden panelled walls.


When choosing your fabric, think about what colour and texture will suit the intended room. Is the chair there to blend in with the room or stand out as a feature? In this bedroom at Charlotte Street Hotel, we covered this tub chair in the same fabric as the headboard to unite the two pieces of furniture. We wanted this to be a peaceful room and opting for the same fabric has created a harmonious space.


Make it your own! It is always important to add a personal touch to create rooms which tell a story. We love to use handcrafted details such as appliqué and needlepoint to make something truly unique.

At Shop Kit Kemp we have the Leo Chair and Polly-Rhino Chair which have both been appliquéd with a beautiful design of a rhino standing under a tree. These chairs know how to make a statement!

We hope these tips help you find the perfect chair for your bedroom. To give your existing chairs a new lease of life, find our tips on ‘How To Give A Chair A Punch Of Personality’ here.