How To Create A Feature Wall

How To

Feature walls can make a room feel more complete and offer the opportunity to create something that feels individual to you. Here are our top tips on unique ways to create a statement...

A feature or statement wall is one that highlights a focal point in the room and stands out from the others. It can make a room feel more complete and offers the opportunity to create something that feels individual to you.

Many feature walls typically involve a bold contrast through paint or wall coverings, but we thought we would gather our top tips on other unique ways to create a statement.


The Kit Kemp Design Studio is known for striking, characterful headboards. Offering an easy and versatile way of creating a focal point, it is time to gather your favourite fabric and use a headboard as a canvas for your next statement design. Tucked up against a wall, it will be sure to turn heads when entering the room.

The headboard in room 1408 at The Whitby Hotel was made especially for the bedroom and it was inspired by Russian folk art. This bold and adventuresome design creates a sense of wonder, with colours that add depth and set the headboard apart from the rest of the room.

Pay attention not only to the fabric but also to the headboard design. A large, tall shape forms a larger surface area, which means more space to get creative and make it the star of the show. We love to create our own bespoke appliqué designs and in this case at The Soho Hotel the headboard is an artwork in itself. Embroidered and embellished with hand-blocked fabrics and old kimonos, it tells a story in Japanese artist Kumi’s trademark style.


An alternative to a mural is hanging a tapestry. Whilst this is a slightly more unusual idea, it is one that will add depth and texture to a wall.

We recently did this for one of our residential projects and it became integral to the identity of the space.


People tend to sway towards using a darker or lighter shade to complement the adjacent walls, however, we like to make it singular and notable. Transform large expansive walls from a blank canvas into their own immersive story with a wallpaper or a mural.

A very special mural of ours is in the Dive Bar at Ham Yard Hotel. We enlarged our Rick Rack design and scaled it to achieve a statement wall that emulates the fun nature of the room. Complimenting the wall’s double height, it creates a striking impression.


If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your room, this will already act as a dominant architectural feature, but with a few small additions and well-styled accents it can easily be transformed into a feature wall.

Take advantage of the surrounding chimney breast and introduce some eye catching accessories and artworks. If you inherit a fireplace that doesn’t fit your aesthetic, tiles are a fun way to transform a hearth with colour and pattern.

These are just a few ideas to help you on your way when creating a feature wall. Share your creations and other ideas with us on Instagram using #designthreads, we look forward to seeing your designs!


When hatching a plan for a statement wall, mirrors are a perfect accomplice. They make the space feel larger whilst adding an unexpected edge to the room. Don’t be afraid to go full height with it. An antique style mirror will create warmth and add individuality.