We’ve Got You Covered: How We Use Bedspreads & Quilts

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Bedspreads and quilts are such a wonderful tool to breathe life into your bedroom scheme and they are an opportunity for a lot of creativity. Here are some of our favourites…

With New York covered in a blanket of snow, and since all this weather does is make us want to curl up in bed, we got to thinking about a different kind of blanket. Bedspreads and quilts are such a wonderful tool to breathe life into your bedroom scheme and they are an opportunity for a lot of creativity. Here are some of our favourites…

Traditionally, our hotels are famous for their crisp, white bedspreads with a subtle blanket stitch. They have always been a firm favourite amongst our guests. There is nothing more satisfying than getting into a perfectly made bed, and these quilts are that final flourish that never goes out of style. Sometimes however, in special rooms and in our private residential projects we like to add a flourish of something more textural or colourful on the bedspread.

We let the stripes run vertically to mirror the striped sofa and the ‘Bookends’ rug, so it really blends in and earns its spot on the stage of this scheme. Although this room has so much going on, its overall feeling is very calm with the neutral walls and wide expanse of windows.

One of our latest renovations, The Soho Hotel’s Terrace Suite is such a delightful scheme with so much whimsy and a plethora of fun fabrics. To give this special room an extra detail, we used the base fabric from the bed cushions on the bedspread. It is soft to the touch and an airy, calming pattern.

At our Decorex installation, we used a slightly more textural fabric for the bedspread, it’s a beautiful layer of joy. The inner lining fabric is just as important as the main textile – a vibrant yellow silk fabric is a zip of fun to be discovered.

We added a contrasting Indian pink piping for that all important detail which pays homage to yellow and pink silk blinds in the wider scheme. Using contrasting reverse fabrics, linings and pipes are always a must – they’re part of the room’s secrets yet to be discovered and are perfect when arranging your bed spread with a folded edge or corner.

Sometimes a found fabric is a lovely way to give a bedroom scheme an added dimension. Kantha quilts are by far the most cosy and are always full of those welcome patchwork imperfections. I just love the running stitch detail common in western adaptations of quilting.

In this pink and green scheme in our latest London renovation, we repeated the chair fabric on the other side of the space on the bedspread to develop and layer the overall textile composition. Again, this is a very soothing and neutral room, so a jazzy and colourful bedspread is a perfect addition.

Here in this little attic room, we used a found textile to add to the warm and cosy feel of this space. Double bed pillows, a pleated bed skirt and embroidered bedside lampshades work with the bedspread to create a playful sense of opulence.

You may have an inherited quilt or a patchwork blanket discovered on your travels which means a lot to you. We find these make for perfect bedspreads. This bedroom scheme and the playful headboard fabric were inspired by this very special mirror embellished Kantha. The two designs sing together beautifully.

Here in the Kit Kemp Studio, we created some very special throws using my ‘Psycho Sprig’ and ‘Loom Weave’ designs.

The double edging piping detail is our favourite element. Check out these designs, plus our special range of Firmdale bedspreads on ‘FIRMDALE SLEEP’ at Shop Kit Kemp.