How to Dress Your Table

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We are best known for our interiors; but we also love to dress our tables in glorious decorations and tasty nibbles...

We are best known for our interiors; but we also love to dress our tables in glorious decorations and keepsakes. An elegantly dressed table is the best way to make a meal feel special. With us spending a great deal more time at home, we thought that we would share our top tips on how to decorate a table, and even share our famous Bakewell tart recipe.

Our top tips for dressing a table…

1. Small flower arrangements in jam jars or small vases are best so you can arrange them around the other items you want to place on the table. Using bright seasonal flowers always adds a ‘wow’ factor.

2. Avoid high arrangements so guests can see over them.

4. When decorating a display table, using height can make an impact. We like to use a variety of handmade wooden chopping boards and we often sit cake stands on top of wooden logs to add a rustic look.

3. Use foliage and fresh fruit to add a dramatic or festive look. We love to use include pomegranates, oranges and red currants. They’re an inexpensive way to add decoration and you can eat them after. Dried fruits such as limes and cinnamon also add a festive touch and smell beautiful.

5. Consider the colour scheme. Just like an interior, it can create a dramatic look if the colours of the decoration work in harmony.

7. We generally prefer a random placement on tables as it looks more natural and less stiff, whilst also giving a ‘wow’ factor.

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6. Candles are really important, regardless of whether there is day light or not – hurricane lamps work well in the day time, whilst candelabra and church candles add a dramatic and romantic touch.


120g Butter
120g Sugar
120g Ground Almonds
2 Eggs
10g Plain flour

1. In a mixer cream the butter and sugar with the paddle
2. Add the eggs slowly until the butter is combined
3. Add the dry ingredients and work to a smooth texture

400g Plain flour
250g Butter cold and diced
100g Caster Sugar
1 Egg

1. Mix the flour with the sugar
2. Add the diced butter and mix until you create a crumble texture
3. Add the egg and stop when the dough has taken the egg
4. Don’t over work it
5. Portioned the dough in to a flat ball
6. Rest for at least 1 hour. Take 500g and roll at 3mm to make the tart shell
7. Line with baking paper and fill the tart with the baking beans. Bake at 180°C for 15 minutes and check
8. After blind baking, bring the oven to 150°C, remove the beans and double egg wash it and cook for two more minutes. Cool down

To Assemble:

150g Raspberry Jam
150g Mix Berries (frozen)
450g Frangipan
50g Flaked almonds

1. After the tart has cooled down, cover the base of the tart with the raspberry jam
2. Add the mixed berries
3. Pipe the frangipan evenly and top it with the raw flaked almonds
4. Bake at 150°C for about 35 minutes until the frangipane filling is firm. If the almonds are browning too quickly, cover the tart with foil
5. Decorate with seasonal fruit