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How to Stay Inspired During Winter

During these dark and cold months, you might feel winter blues, but do not fret! We’d like to share how we stay inspired and creative during the winter…

Design Threads and Craft

We keep inspiration flowing by practising our Design Thread crafts and ideas. An easy way to spark creativity is to do collaging with old magazines, postcards, sketches and scraps you find aesthetically pleasing. It’s a soothing activity!

Social Media, Books and Magazines

In all of our hotels you’ll find a library – they make the cosiest of rooms. Books and magazines allow us to look into the past, present and they help us produce our future. In The Whitby Hotel’s Reading Room we have curated a collection of books for all to enjoy.

Our favourite local shop Much Ado Books in East Sussex UK, is the perfect place to be inspired as they have a variety of genres. What’s best is how the physical space inspires us too. Read more about this stylish hut here.

We also love to search the web and Instagram to find out what you’ve been doing with our designs. It inspires us to see how you are using them too!

Going ‘Out and About’

Winter is a busy season for events and indoor activities. We find that going to local exhibitions and shows boosts our mood and inspires us. Exploring various exhibitions such as The Winter Show in New York or an overall space where designers share their projects such as Kips Bay Decorators Show House helps us feel inspired.

Exciting projects

On February 1st, our new Warren Street Hotel in New York opens. We are inspired by the progress that has been made as we reflect on the work that has been done and look ahead to welcoming our first guests. Come and visit us soon!

How do you stay inspired during these winter months? Share with us on Instagram @KitKempDesignThread.

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