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How to Design a Gym

Beach season is here, so we would like to share our tips and tricks for designing a gym. A gym doesn’t have to be bland. This is actually a space where colour and patterns can be truly appreciated and at our hotels, the gyms are not a forgotten facility. Join us as we explore some examples.

Patterns will liven up the space and introduce new colours. This is especially important if the gym is located in an area with not many windows. You can add patterns to multiple walls or to columns like we’ve done here.

Add artwork to lift your spirits during a difficult workout. We’ve continued the theme of fitness with this colourful acrylic sculpture of cyclists by David Gerstein. It encourages movement and makes us want to peddle to the medal!

The same can be said for these remarkable pieces by visual artist Julian Opie. There is precision, a story and a feeling of time which are all held up to a microscope in each of his artworks. It’s impossible not to feel energised by this collection at The Whitby Hotel Gym.

You can’t go wrong with classic hardwood floors, but also you could include a solid coloured mat for additional cushioning and protection. Choose equipment and flooring that fit your needs and preferred exercises.

Choose colourful workout equipment to make the space appear vibrant throughout. Here we have added colourful balls, bands, and even weights that make the space more cheerful and encouraging. We’ve also included this rustic water dispenser which brings a fun touch of personality.

These red acrylic towel holders keep the gym area organised whilst also having an aesthetic appeal. It reminds us of a contemporary art sculpture. Who says something practical can’t be stylish too!

We have a swimming pool for water-based workouts at Haymarket Hotel. Here you can join fitness experts, ‘aquaphysical’ who host a series of FloatFit HIIT Sunday sessions. Drop by and take a dip, or explore our pool area further here.

Whatever your workout routine may be, don’t forget to pamper yourself. A treatment at Soholistic Spa is the perfect way to soothe sore muscles.

So whether you’re designing a workout area in your home, or building a fully fledged gym, we hope these examples will help you create a space that you’ll want to spend time in.

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