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How to Create a Bar

We design every room to sing and a bar is no exception! They are a place where stories are told, laughter is shared and burdens are briefly set aside. Join us today as we dive into the art and science of designing a bar.


It’s important to consider the placement of the bar counter and seating area. Aim to have a dynamic space that suits many different purposes – we achieve this by incorporating three different heights to sit or stand in the bar area. At Haymarket Hotel’s Brumus Bar, high end stools with applique dogs create a fun statement.

At The WhitbyBar, you’ll find slipper chairs at a lower level. This creates a more relaxed and informal ambience. On the far back, our balloon chairs create the third height, creating the perfect area to enjoy dinner and a drink.


Think of the purpose and context of the space. This bar in Barbados is all about reflecting a Caribbean feeling. To achieve this we have painted the back wall a vibrant blue, complementing a large colourful pendant light.

At The Soho Hotel, our Crimson Bar was designed to reflect the buzz and eccentricity of Soho. Explore this space further here.


The way you light your bar area is vital for creating the right mood and tone. From pendant lights to spotlights, explore our tips for lighting a bar here.


Incorporate fun touches and details when designing a bar. The space should show your true character and personality. In this compact bar area of our Richmond Buildings project, we have introduced painted boxes that give an element of surprise!

The Soho Hotel was built on the site of a car garage. In homage to the hotel’s past, we collected old toy cars and displayed them in Perspex coffee tables.

Remember to give bars plenty of personality – we want yours to shine! Share your favourite bars with us on Instagram @KitKempDesignThread.

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