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Ham Yard Hotel is Back!

We are thrilled to announce that Ham Yard Hotel, our flagship hotel and a real Soho institution will reopen on 31 July. It is a lively space to enjoy a drink, organise a fabulous event, and of course, spend the night.

We opened the doors to Ham Yard Hotel six years ago. The building work took three years and transformed a neglected space in Soho into a hidden little village with its own independent boutiques.

We designed and built the hotel from scratch. It was a huge area, so it was a challenge to make it look fun and intimate. The separation of spaces and the individual personality of the rooms made this happen.

We were able to build rooms with high ceilings and full height Crittall windows that allow the light to flood in. Throughout the interiors we used all of the natural materials that we love, including oak, stone and pebbles for floors, alabaster for the chandeliers, and touches of clay.

The restaurant is a light filled space. On the back wall, we added dimension and light with 33 individual illuminated porcelain pots placed into niches. The other walls are covered in our ‘Willow’ fabric from my collection with Christopher Farr Cloth.

Ham Yard’s Lobby could be an art gallery; with works by Terry Frost, Sandra Blow, Joe Fan, Conrad Shawcross, Juliette Losq, and of course, a monumental bronze sculpture by Sir Tony Cragg in the Courtyard.

The interiors and exterior have to work together in harmony. That’s why, when we acquired the site, the first thing we did was purchase five 30 feet oak trees to add greenery to the space.

The rooftop was also converted into a leafy oasis, with its own bee hives and vegetable garden. These green spaces are always peaceful, it’s a real luxury to enjoy them in the heart of a busy global city.

Who would have expected 6 years ago that the hotel would have to be closed for four long and uncertain months. Although the hotel has been closed, its heart has continued to beat and it was only ever ‘sleeping’. A small team has been there throughout, checking every single room every day, watering the plants (one of the most popular tasks) and, amongst many vital tasks, ensuring every tap has some water running regularly.

Enthusiasm is contagious and even in the hardest times, we have seen an exceptional team excelling at the hotel. While Robin, our Executive Head Chef, was thinking about the new menu in the restaurant, Richard, our Reception Manager was packaging Shop Kit Kemp online orders. Sanford, our Duty Manager, has been helping with the take away coffee shop and Laura, the General Manager, was also there, personally welcoming and assisting our guests at One Denman Place, our apartments adjoining Ham Yard Hotel.

Our current guests at One Denman Place have become part of the family during the past few months, sharing the experience very closely.

Bijal, our Reservations Manager feels optimistic that we are receiving more and more calls from interested guests. People are happy we are reopening, and most importantly they are looking forward to escaping their homes for a night or two and not having to cook!

The teams are getting back together, and we are relieved that slowly but steadily more and more of us are returning to the hotel, bringing it back to life.

We hope to see you soon!

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