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Grocery Shopping at Firmdale Hotels

You might not expect food to be a theme in design, but if you look closely we have sprinkled elements of the culinary world throughout our hotels. A symbol of food can be whimsical and bold when employed as an accent to any room. Take a look and you’re sure to hit any category on your grocery list!


In the lobby of Crosby Street Hotel you can find gourds of all shapes and sizes floating beneath the surface of our Perspex coffee table.

We often say the most beautiful patinas and intricate patterns can come from the natural world. Our rooftop gardens at Ham Yard Hotel and Crosby Street Hotel are a perfect example of that, where you’ll find an abundance of fresh vegetables growing. They make a striking contrast from the metropolis’ beyond.

Continue down the produce aisle for some fantastical fungi! These quirky pieces at The Whitby Hotel were designed by Mimi de Biarritz.

Other fungi varieties can be seen in the Drawing Room at Knightsbridge Hotel. These fun elements keep the design light-hearted and interesting.

Fantastic Fruits

We take so much inspiration from fruits and love observing the extraordinary colour combinations they bring. In room 901 at Crosby Street Hotel, the headboard celebrates the deep and juicy tones of pomegranates. The design makes such an impact.

The ‘Mythical Land’ wallpaper designed by Kit Kemp for Andrew Martin has trees growing giant orange pears. The design transforms you to an imaginative land with a motif that unleashes childlike enthusiasm for fairy tales.

We can’t go without mentioning our orange juicer in the Dive Bar at Ham Yard Hotel. This giant and eclectic structure is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Enjoy a glass of fresh juice as we move further down the grocery list!

Soups Galore 

If you need to stock up on soup, look no further than The Whitby Hotel, where you can marvel at this funky and fabulous collection of Campbell’s soups. This piece is a favourite of ours with its unexpected quirk and vibrant colours that pack a punch.

Sweet Treats 

Last but certainly not least, it’s desserts! Feast your eyes on this fun and unique art piece in the Drawing Room at The Soho Hotel. The selection of pastries and cakes are made from felt and look so enticing and delightful.

Bag It Up

A grocery jaunt wouldn’t be possible without a bag and these stunning Lost & Found Bags For Life make the perfect shopping accessory. Made with 100% cotton, they have a striking look with Kit Kemp’s ‘Lost and Found’ design in navy. We’re always pleasantly surprised by how much food fits into these beautiful bags!

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