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Funky Sconces

On today’s blog delve into the captivating world of wall lights, which serve an important role in terms of both function and form. Join us as we spotlight some of our favourite funky sconces, seamlessly integrated into our designs.

At Dorset Square Hotel, discover the whimsical charm of a romantic sconce – a pair of hands cradling a bowl, radiating a unique glow.  A Porta Romana botanical relief sconce adds a touch of whimsy, encasing a mirror with matching material against a thematic wallcovering.

In Brumus at Haymarket Hotel, petite wall sconces illuminate the dining space pointing down to create a cosy glow.

The Shooting Gallery at Haymarket Hotel showcases luminous oval sconces, making a bold statement with their distinctive texture and colouring.

In Richmond Buildings, contemporary gold brass sconces create a striking contrast against abstract and geometric wallcoverings, providing a touch of grandeur.

Experience characterful lighting in a residential corridor through Margit Wittig’s creative designs. Wittig’s background as a psychotherapist adds depth to her figurative sculptural pieces. To read more about her creative process, see our past Meet the Maker post here.

Behold the allure of gleaming sun sconces at The Whitby Hotel, reminiscent of Louis IV’s opulent Versailles palace. Hung against mirrors, they cast a magical ambiance.

We hope this blog has inspired you to try and incorporate funky sconces into your designs.

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