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Fruit Salad: Symbols of Fruit in Design

In the Kit Kemp Design Studio, we always try to develop room schemes that have depth and intrigue. Whilst our designs are a bright and colourful visual feast, we like to think there is more than meets the eye and something new to be discovered within the many layers.

In so many of our spaces, fruit is a much loved motif that tends to crop up in the fabrics we use, the way we accessorise or even in my own original textile and wallpaper designs.

Fruit itself has long been considered in art and design as a symbol of abundance, associated with the harvest and goddesses of plenty. In mythology, fruit represents earthly pleasures, overindulgence, and temptation…a few vices which we hope are entertained in our hotels, always in moderation of course! This post is our colourful and delicious fruit bowl of some of our juiciest schemes and designs…


One of my all-time favourite fruits, pomegranates featured heavily in my Turnell & Gigon pop up on this beautiful Raoul Textile on the sofas and dining chairs. In Greek and Persian mythology, pomegranates symbolise beauty and eternal life. Something I hope this fresh and youthful scheme upholds.

I love this fabric so much that it also appeared in one of our private residential projects in this fun shock of lemon and raspberry hues. The colourful fabric and pomegranate motifs create a feeling of youthful and joyful abundance.

In room 901 at Crosby Street Hotel, we used the beautiful ‘Malati’ textile by William Yeoward on the curtains. The playful pomegranates were our starting point to create a fun and bold scheme.

We loved the motif so much that we increased the scale of the pomegranate and stitched them onto our floral shaped headboard.


Pineapples are well known to be a symbol of hospitality and an expression of “welcome”. Their meaning is perhaps the most important to me, representing the hospitality and warmth which is at the heart of our hotels.

This little Fine Cell Work pineapple cushion adds a ray of light to this room. I love how it works with the warm glow of the gold artworks above the fireplace.


‘Pear Tree’, one of my favourite designs from my Andrew Martin collection, depicts a tall and elegant tree laden with heavy and generous pear fruits.

We used it at a nook in my Bergdorf Goodman project, paired with a bespoke headboard, also featuring the delectable pear.

In ancient China, pear images and pear-shaped decorative objects symbolise longevity. The pear tree is also considered as a symbol of comfort and affection in many cultures.

The pear is also seen in my ‘Mythical Land’ design, this little bird is about to have his fill of a nice juicy pear ready for the taking.


The orange often replaces an apple as the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Our Dive Bar at Ham Yard Hotel is forbidden fruit personified, a space for fun. Our orange fruit spiral is just so wacky and one of my all-time favourite pieces in the hotels.

What are your favourite fruits? Tag us in your fruitiest rooms designs. Now more than ever is a time to appreciate the most humble of pleasures and how they hold the greatest meaning!

The Firmdale Fruits

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