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From Hotel to Home

We’ve been busy working behind the scenes to create ways for you to bring a sense of our hotels into your homes! Here are our five top suggestions to make you feel as though you’re checking-in to our hotels, every day…

1. The Headboard

Each of our hotel rooms have a signature headboard. They are the first thing you see when you walk into the room and creating an impact in any bedroom scheme. Explore our headboards here.

Residence 24 at One Denman Place

2. The Bathrobe

There is nothing better than lounging around in a bathrobe to make you feel relaxed. Ours stay soft and fluffy, wash after wash. They have a coloured piped detail along the cuffs and lapels so you can easily spot when someone is wearing yours! Find your new bathrobe here.

3. The Ultimate Bed Set

In the words of Goldilocks, ‘this bed is just right, not too hard and not too soft’! We have spent years perfecting the bounce, springs and cushions of our beds. The Ultimate Bed Set includes everything you need for a Firmdale sleep at home. Bed base, mattress, valance, bed spread, duvet, pillows and all the linen. It’s your one stop shop without the hassle of trying to find all the additional pieces.

Room 3 at Covent Garden Hotel

4. RikRak Bath & Body

Our heavenly RikRak Bath & Body range includes everything from hand cream to pillow mist, as well as our new Tall Trees Coriander Bergamot candle.

5. The End of Bed Stool

An End of Bed Stool (EBS) is an essential addition to our bedrooms and they are endlessly practical. We like to make sure the bed stool is narrower than the width of the bed. It can be upholstered in a number of ways and we often like to use a mix of fabrics. They are also great in leather making them very hard wearing. Take a look at some of our designs here.

Room 205 at Crosby Street Hotel & Room 502 at The Soho Hotel

From hotel to home, we hope you’ll enjoy exploring our unique ranges at Shop Kit Kemp.

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