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Out and About: Frank Auerbach – The Sitters

Piano Nobile gallery is one of my favourite galleries in London. I have found some of my most treasured artworks such as paintings by the Bloomsbury Group here. This week we went to see Frank Auerbach: The Sitters exhibition and it took my breath away!

I knew Auerbach is one of the most celebrated and sought after living British artists, but I had not experienced much of his work in person other than at art fairs. Whilst being shown around the gallery, I was in awe of his masterpieces. These works are incredibly powerful and I was surprised to discover Auerbach is a master colourist. This exhibition is the first dedicated overview of the artist’s portrait heads. It includes over forty paintings and drawings and explores a special connection between Auerbach and his ‘sitters’, who are dedicated models and have attended weekly sessions over months, years and decades.

The images quiver with animation, translating Auerbach’s raw visual sensations into forms that convey a sitter’s character and physical presence. We urge you to see the show!

We are soon to be hosting a private screening of Frank Auerbach: To the Studio, followed by a panel discussion with Jake Auerbach, Hannah Rothschild and Catherine Lampert at The Soho Hotel. Watch this space for an ‘Out and About’ blog post where we will share an insight into Auerbach’s method.

For more conversations about art, join us at Haymarket Hotel on November 15th for our Artist In Conversation with Sue Lawty and Willow Kemp event. For more information and tickets, click here.

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