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Frame Your Space

When it comes to designing an interior space, we often say it’s the smallest details that can make the biggest impact. One effective technique is ‘framing’. This can be used to add structure and visual interest to various elements within your home. By strategically incorporating ‘frames’ you can transform an ordinary space into a captivating and personalised haven. Join us as we explore ways to frame your spaces to spark your creativity…

Architraves and cornices architecturally frame a space, adding elegance and definition. Architraves are horizontal mouldings above doors, windows, or along walls, whilst cornices adorn the junction between the wall and ceiling. Together, they create a refined aesthetic, enhancing architectural beauty. They are the perfect opportunity to experiment with colour and create visual interest. By framing these architectural features, you draw attention to them and create a playful and harmonious look.

Curtain pelmets are a great way to liven up and frame your windows or even divide your spaces. These fabric-covered boxes or panels are installed above the window or door frame, concealing the curtain rods and creating visual appeal.

A bed canopy is an enchanting way to frame your sleeping area, adding a touch of romance and luxury. Whether you prefer a flowing, draped fabric canopy or a less imposing corona design, the canopy becomes your point of interest and grounds the space. Consider the fabric texture, colour, and pattern to harmonise with your bedding and overall room scheme. By framing your bed, you create a cosy and intimate space to sleep the night away!

Often overlooked, cushion edges can bring a polished and refined touch to your living spaces. This is the perfect way to add some flair and excitement with contrasting piping, fringes, or decorative trims.

These subtle framing details add texture, visual interest and a sense of completion to your schemes. You can mix and match different cushion designs to create an eclectic and inviting environment!

We hope you’ll make use of these creative ways to frame your space. Always remember – the devil is in the details!

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