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Flipping Fun – It’s Pancake Day!

Observed by many, Shrove Tuesday is a day which occurs 40 days before Easter Sunday. We also know Shrove Tuesday as ‘Pancake Day’. Traditionally, this was an opportunity to use all of your perishable ingredients such as eggs, but today, the date is celebrated through many different and artistic ways. Join us as we share some (tasty) examples from around the world!

Image credit @ThePancakeParty

Madeira, Portugal & Hawaii

Here it is traditional for ‘malasadas’ to be eaten on this day. Malasadas are fried donuts made from flattened rounds of yeast dough, flavoured with lemon zest and coated with sugar and cinnamon. They are also traditionally eaten in Hawaii as they were brought over by the Portuguese, but have since evolved to have a creamy filling – yum!


In Catholic countries, eating meat is prohibited on Fridays during the holy period, so for many in Spain, Shrove Tuesday is known as ‘día de la tortilla’ where an omelette is made with sausage or pork fat. There is also a variety of fish dishes which are popular to eat during this time including ‘bacalao croquettes’. These are croquettes made with cod.

Louisiana, USA

‘Mardi Gras’ otherwise known as ‘Fat Tuesday’ is celebrated in Louisiana each year. A huge colourful carnival takes place and people typically wear masks and purple, green and gold clothing. It has evolved as a day for people of all faiths to celebrate. Traditionally ‘King’ cake is eaten on this day which is a blend of coffee cake and cinnamon roll.


‘Selma’ buns are traditionally eaten in Sweden on Shrove Tuesday. These are soft, cardamom-flavoured buns with a rich almond-paste filling, whipped cream and powdered sugar. They are a sweet tooth overload!

At many of our hotels you’ll find delicious pancakes available on the Breakfast menu. Explore our London and New York restaurants here. If you’re celebrating with your own pancakes, we wish you the best of luck with your flipping!

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