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Adaptable Design: Creating Flexible Living Spaces

In the realm of design, there are numerous dynamic elements to consider. During the creative process, we not only contemplate patterns, colours, textures and furniture layout but also think about how a piece of furniture can be moved about, whether during installation or when being used day to day. With this in mind, we’ve introduced a few enhancements to our designs that make movement a whole lot easier.

Imagine being able to relocate your furniture closer to the fireplace or position it in a cosy window nook to capture the best lighting. The addition of casters to the legs of your furniture provides a practical and creative solution, particularly when dealing with heavier pieces like sofas and chairs.

Our  ‘Jessica’ chair is a modern take on a classic London library chair and great for ‘pulling up a pew’ or settling into with a good book. Adding castors to the design means that moving it around is second nature – whether you’re accommodating an extra guest or switching up a scheme.

In our Soholistic Spa, we’ve taken this a step further by incorporating casters into our upholstered footrests, allowing you to kick back and relax wherever you please.

Another feature that we’ve embraced is the handle and we’ve even named a chair after it.  Our ‘Handle chairs’ are found throughout our hotels and feature their a timber handle which make them easy to pull out and sit down on, whether you’re at a desk or dining table. As well as a practical function, the handles are also decorative and add texture and flair to the design. They’re available to buy over on Shop Kit Kemp and can be customised in any number of different fabrics.

Handles have also been integrated into various other chair designs. In the bar at Ham Yard Hotel and Crosby Street Hotel, the bar stools are equipped with brightly coloured leather handles, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with traditional charm.

Similarly, we’ve also added handles to our ‘Susan’ dining chairs, which make sitting down a breeze. With a wider seat back for added comfort, the Susan chairs are perfect for long lunches and conversation-filled dinners! You’ll also find them over on Shop Kit Kemp.

We hope these ideas inspire you to infuse creativity into your interior design, making your space more functional and flexible.

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