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Fit for a Queen

As the Queen celebrated her 93rd birthday last weekend, we were reminded of how vibrantly she presents herself time and time again. Not only is Queen Elizabeth II the longest reigning British monarch, but her elegance and sophistication is always sensational.

Queen Elizabeth is known around the world for her effervescent outfits, rarely seen without a colourful matching hat! We love to incorporate her iconic style into inspiring pieces of art and installations throughout our hotels.

One of our favourite local artists intricately created miniature figurines of the Queen, which can be found in the library at Ham Yard Hotel and in the drawing room at Number Sixteen.

At The Crosby Bar in New York, four embellished pictures by Mimi represent seasonal hat recommendations for the Queen.

On the Ham Yard Hotel Roof Terrace, you will be greeted with an enormous painting of the Queen in black and grey. Seeing the queen painted in darker tones contrasting to her usual bright colours, is eye-catching and exquisite.

These eclectic pieces of art encompass the many styles of our fabulous Queen.

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