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Shop Kit Kemp at House & Garden Festival 2018

In June 2018, we were invited to showcase our designs at the House & Garden Festival in Olympia, London.

Installing a stand really is starting with a blank canvas. Upon arrival we were greeted by an open space with two blank, rather uneven walls and a number of fluorescent clad workmen carrying out last minute electrical works. Of course, the scheme had already been designed and furniture upholstered but we did momentarily doubt how the sterile space in front of us would be transformed into a beautiful space.

Putting the wallpaper up instantly removed the initial hostility with the insertion of colour. My ‘One Way’ large scale wallpaper which we used to wrap around the stand, grabbed attention on entering the monumental, glazed exhibition hall.

Next, furniture was placed and the space began to resemble something recognisably Firmdale. The most commented piece was the new Willow sofa, which was upholstered in the textured Ikat Weave fabric with nickel nailing and lime green piping to finish.

Designing the stand was a great opportunity to play with juxtaposing the bright and playful fabrics from my collection for Christopher Farr, which is designed to work together in unexpected ways.

Hanging artwork and placing objects really brought the scheme together by breaking up the regularity of the patterned wallpaper. Above the sofa we framed different textiles – a simple and inexpensive way to decorate the walls.

Lamps added a warmth and atmosphere to the area. Finally, the muslin ceiling was installed which really framed the space by blocking the view above the walls and focusing the eye on the stand.

We really enjoyed the festival and it was a great way to showcase our furniture and fabric designs.

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