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Fabric Focus: Hedgerow

In collaboration with Andrew Martin, our Hedgerow fabric design was inspired by a collection of Late Medieval tapestries which I saw on a visit to The Charterhouse Museum in London. It was fascinating to see magical creatures hiding behind leaves and under hedgerows. That was the start of the idea – I wanted to give such magical creatures a new life in the contemporary world. Hedgerow’s design is a patchwork style motif which shows playful faces of mythical creatures, who prance between abundant fruit trees. This traditional cotton twill, imbued with old tales, is brought up-to-date with vibrant yellows, blues and greens. Join us as we explore ‘Hedgerow’ and take you through the many ways you can use this incredibly versatile fabric design…

Hedgerow's Quince and Cerise colourways.

Hedgerow is available in two colourways, Quince and Cerise. This design can be used in a variety of ways, whether on a headboard, cushions or as a window treatment. It’s a romantic fabric which has geometric elements equally spaced and yet, if you dive further you can see intricate hand painted scenes.

Window Treatments 

Behind the curtains in the Suffolk Suite at Haymarket Hotel, we’ve added a roman blind in Hedgerow Quince. We love to open the curtains and explore the design’s many stories. Spot the dragon sprawling amongst the succulent plums and a spotted leopard dancing amongst a strawberry bush!

In this bedroom at home, we dressed the windows in the fabric’s Cerise colourway and upholstered the headboard in the same design to create a strong, unified look.


When we collaborated with our dear friends of Fine Cell Work, they created these beautiful Hedgerow cushions.


Hedgerow has been used on many of our upholstery pieces, including headboards, sofas and armchairs. At Bergdorf Goodman in New York, we covered this plinth sofa using the Quince colourway. We love how it carries the playful thread that is present throughout the room, yet the softer colourway takes a back seat and allows our Mythical Land wallpaper and applique headboard to sing.

In another scheme, we reupholster these cocoon shaped chairs in the Cerise colourway. Their deep buttons break up the patterns and give the chair an additional element of intrigue.

Your designs!

We love keeping in touch with you on Instagram @KitKempDesignThread. Here are some of our favourite ways that you have used Hedgerow!

@perfittrichardsdesign using our Hedgerow fabric on a pair of lovely looking armchairs.
@HattonHarding has installed little roman blinds to dress the windows. It looks magical!

Thank you for exploring Hedgerow with us. Diverse and versatile, it never fails to create joy in a scheme. Keep tagging us on Instagram to show us how you have used our fabrics in your schemes! @KitKempDesignThread.

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