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Room 204 at Dorset Square Hotel

Room 204 at Dorset Square Hotel has recently had a mini makeover, with freshly upholstered furniture and curtains. The bedroom sits on the second floor of this townhouse, which overlooks the luscious green communal garden of Dorset Square. The large Georgian window allows for sunlight to flood into the space throughout the day, making it a truly magical bedroom.

As you enter room 204, you are transported into this indoor garden. I have designed a statement headboard using my floral fabric ‘Tasha’s Trip’ in green, which I designed for Christopher Farr Cloth. We often use this fabric on cushions or curtains but we have never used it on a headboard because of the light backcloth.

To make the headboard more durable, I used 200mm wide panels of ‘Tasha’s Trip’ paired with a chunky green weave by Pierre Frey. To separate the two fabrics, we used a petrol blue wool pipe by Nobilis. The piping really draws your eye in, and highlights the layers of blues in ‘Tasha’s Trip’.

Continuing the blue and green theme, for the bed cushions I have used a James Malone fabric called ‘Zig Zag’, piped in the blue Nobilis. This bedroom consists of only four fabrics, which are repeated throughout space to keep the room unified.

The curtains mirror the bed cushions in James Malone’s ‘Zig Zag’ fabric. As this is not one of our largest bedrooms, it is important not to overload the room with too many textiles. In this peaceful room, we have only used a few fabrics, which we have repeated throughout the scheme.

The tub chairs opposite the bed are covered in the Pierre Frey green weave. We added contrast deep buttoning in the blue wool by Nobilis. This adds depth and texture to the the chair. Around the bottom of the tub chair is my new trim for Christopher Farr called ‘Pop Art’. I love to have fun with chairs! Add a trim or a thick tape to give an average chair that extra something special.

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