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Picture Perfect! Design Tips for Home Theatres

As cold, wet weather takes hold, we feel the desire to get cosy under blankets and enjoy a good film. We have designed our own bespoke screening rooms throughout our hotels and we’d like to share with you our tips for designing your own home theatre.

All of our screening rooms are located in the basement of our hotels as you want a room with no natural light. Sometimes this isn’t always an option, so if you have a room with a window, blackout blinds and curtains are essential. To create the right ambience, use dark coloured fabric on walls and curtain treatments. We have used wool to line the walls in our screening rooms and this creates a sense of drama. Consider hues of indigo and blue fabric to add some subtle flair.

Acoustics are integral to the design of your movie space. All our screening rooms have high quality surround sound speakers covered in acoustic sound panels to enhance the immersive experience. The fabric walls, carpet and fabric wrapped columns are designed to absorb echoes and sound vibrations. This also prevents noise from disturbing our hotel guests.

Soft, warm lighting is essential in creating a soothing and comfortable ambience whilst you settle into your seat before the film begins. Consider dimmable LED wall lighting strips, spotlights and ceiling star-scapes to evenly distribute light throughout the space.

Comfort is always essential when designing your interiors. Our cinema seats are bespoke and designed with curvaceous contours to optimise comfort. This is a chance to go bold and bright! We upholster our screening room seats in bright reds and oranges to create a sense of warmth, character and luxury. For movie rooms at home, modular sofas are ideal to maximise space and increase accessibility. Always consider natural, soft textiles but don’t be afraid to add a punch of colour!

We all love munching popcorn whilst watching a film and side tables are simple pieces that will enhance your experience. We have designed table tops which are fitted to the arm rests on each seat. If this option isn’t viable, consider a few slim side tables that can slide snuggly under your sofa.

We hope these ideas will help you create your own movie space. If this blog post has put you in the mood for a movie, visit our Firmdale Film Club in London at The Soho Hotel, Covent Garden Hotel and Charlotte Street Hotel.

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