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Design Threads: Painting Candlesticks

This week for Design Threads, we have been painting our very own candlestick holders and celebrating these ornaments which can inject joy and personality into any space.

I have always had an affection for playful candlesticks, from the kitsch to the more traditional, they can dress up any fireplace or dining table, even without the wick burning.

Last year for my pop up at Bergdorf Goodman in New York, I collaborated with a talented ceramic artist, Andrea Kashaniour, to create candlestick holders inspired by my fabric collection ‘Mythical Creatures’ for Chelsea Textiles.

We worked hard to get the colours just right.  They have been modelled in a soft and fluid way, a far cry from the more austere and restrained tradition of candlesticks. These designs are a witty and quirky addition to any home.

During lockdown, we have found ourselves being more creative than ever, making the most out of what we have in our homes and repurposing items that we have fallen out of love with. 

This week, you will need acrylic paints and untreated wooden candlesticks. If you don’t have any old candlesticks at home, you can find them online HERE

For this pair of candlesticks, we were inspired by a selection of the handmade fabrics that we have throughout the hotels, harking back to the ancient technique of applique seen across Central and South Asia, and in particular northern India.

This is what we made and we would love to see what you can do with your candlesticks at home! Please tag us on Instagram with #DesignThreads and @KitKempDesignThread.

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