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Design Threads: Collage – A Pocket Vacation

At the beginning of lockdown, we began our creative journey into Design Threads. This week we are taking you all the way back to week one and the art of collage.

As lockdown begins to ease and the world opens up in some places, we still want to encourage creative pursuits at home and continue to cultivate this community we have been building.

With summer very much upon us, artist and member of the Kit Kemp Design Studio, Ruby Kean has created some fun collage parcels now available via Partnership Editions to spark creativity at home and evoke the joy of a summer holiday.

Each parcel is lovingly created from Ruby’s vast collection of paper ephemera, from vintage luggage labels to hand made craft paper. Each one is totally individual and a hive of creativity.

Ruby explains the creative process behind these collage kits: “As we slip into the summer months, I hope these parcels evoke fond memories of wonderful places. Through collage, and letter writing, I wanted to connect us to the idea that stillness and staying at home can be just as inspiring and exciting as travelling. I have rummaged through my hoards of paper ephemera, collected wrappings samples and hand crafted papers to curate these little collage bundles for you to enjoy”.

Each contains treasures and materials centered around two capsule collections ‘A Greek Odyssey’ conjuring the nostalgia of old world Greece, and ‘After The Siesta’ which evokes the spirit and vibrancy of Spain. The parcels have enough bits and pieces to make and send 4 postcards and create a bespoke artwork of your own.

“I like to think of the postcards humorously ‘wishing you were here’. Perhaps these postcards will be keepsakes of your own or will find its way to a friend or relative.”

All you should need to create these postcards and your artwork is a glue stick and a pair of scissors. If you don’t manage to get your hands on a parcel, now is the time to dig out all your saved postcards, stamps, photographs and memories from beloved trips past and we hope Ruby’s parcels provide lots of fun inspiration.

The first run of parcels ‘A Greek Odessey’ is now available with a limited edition run of twelve parcels and the second drop ‘After the Siesta’ launches on the 27th of July – CLICK HERE to find out more.

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