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Design Threads: Bird Houses Something to Make You Smile

Whether you are as tall as a giant or as small as a mouse, the best houses aren’t houses, they’re homes.

We recently came across some images of work by an artist who decorated the inside of birdhouses and it put a huge smile on our faces.

Artist Jada Fitch takes plain cardboard boxes, decorates them and attaches them to her windows.

The results are so joyous, with little feathered faces peeking in through the tiny doors and windows.

The schemes include wooden panelled dados and striped wallpaper, with the walls adorned with bird portraits in minuscule little frames, bright orange benches and even a tiny broom propped up in the corner to sweep away those seeds.

These reminded us so much of the wonderful bird boxes created for us by Mimi de Biarritz whose magical imagination knows no bounds. They are the perfect home for all kinds of birds and bugs.

In true Kit Kemp design team fashion, we decided to give this a go and create our own little ‘Crosby Tweet Hotel’ birdhouse using scraps of fabric and paint from our craft boxes at home and a little flat pack kit found online.

Give it a go and tag us on Instagram @kitkempdesignthread.

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