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Design Thread – Book Launch

It’s been an exciting time in the studio as we launch my latest book ‘Design Thread’. My third book is about weaving together spaces that are dynamic and diverse in their own right, but with a thread of creative connection running through each and every one, creating a house or hotel that resonates as a harmonious whole.

This book journeys through a number of my recent projects from a house in the country and city pied-à-terre, to a Manhattan Hotel, penthouse and beach bar, each treated as an individual creation.

I’m always looking for pieces that tell a unique story – maybe of a person, a time in history, a particular handcrafted technique, or even just something with a combination of colour or pattern, or a found object re-purposed in an unusual way, that takes you unawares.

These are the ‘design threads’ I like to weave throughout all the interiors I design.

I relish making these connections in my work, weaving a new narrative into every room I design. ‘Design Thread’ illuminates this creative journey and I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful in some way.

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