Triple the Style: One Fabric, Three Unique Schemes

Day to Day

At our Design Studio, we're constantly working with exquisite fabrics, and sometimes, we can't help but feel a touch of fabric envy! When a vibrant new fabric arrives, it's fascinating to see how different designers take it in unique directions from the same starting point. One of our go-to fabric houses is Jim Thompson, and recently, we've been captivated by their bold 'Peacock Picnic' fabric, featuring painterly birds amidst enchanting tree-of-life foliage. On Today's blog we are looking at how we have used this wonderful fabric in three distinct schemes.

Room 004 at Haymarket Hotel

Blues and oranges define this scheme. Soft blue walls create a calm, relaxing atmosphere perfect for unwinding. The room’s magic lies in its special pieces, creating a unique space that feels like a home away from home. The orange chest of drawers adds a bespoke touch, while the tapestry above the sofa is a one-of-a-kind piece that evokes memories of a special trip.

Our chosen fabric, Peacock Picnic, adorns both the headboard and curtains, elevating the room and giving it a distinctive charm. The large-scale pattern on the headboard creates a striking focal point, perfectly balancing contemporary and traditional elements, complementing the aesthetic of Haymarket Hotel.

Bloomsbury Publishing Offices

At the Bloomsbury Publishing offices, we’ve used Peacock Picnic in the curtains, integrating it into a room bursting with greens, oranges, and yellows, typical of the Bloomsbury palette. The vibrant Peacock print seamlessly blends with the explosion of colours, contributing to the room’s joyful ambiance.

Room 421 at The Soho Hotel

In Room 421 at The Soho Hotel, we’ve chosen the juiciest tones. Orange dominates the scheme, bathing the walls in a warm, inviting glow, which makes the fabric’s fresh background colour pop and its vibrant hues sing. Paired with earthy greens, the room evokes a tropical wilderness, with Peacock Picnic fabric enhancing this jungle-like feeling of freedom and joy. The colour palette strikes a balance between a fun headboard fabric and sophisticated colours, creating a mature and inviting space.

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how the same fabric can transform into diverse schemes, each with its unique story and identity.